Finally, grabbing just the guitar is all you need to play, learn, enjoy

What is mu6label

Modern, up to date, highly accurate , all in one multitool, that helps guitar enthusiasts to save their time and money and to stay focused on guitar practicing.

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WHAT IS mu6label

Chord Master

Checking particular chord has never been easier. Simply choose the chord you would like to check, pick up it’s variation and voila !!
But that’s not all, after all the same chord can be played somewhere else on the fretboard. mu6label will show You where…


Properly tuned guitar is everything. You should do this every time You grab your guitar. mu6label will help You with that, doesn’t matter whether You have 4; 5; 6 or 7 strings, how much you’re in a hurry, which Tune You are in…
And if You’re really in a rush, You can tune all your strings at once

Metronome & Beat Master

Practicing with metronome turned on can really improve your guitar skills. We all know that, but still we tend to forget about it. Maybe because seting up metronome is time consuming ant it’s sound is not the most pleasant. With mu6label it’s already a past. Not only You turn on your metronome without leaving the guitar but also thanks to beat master You can design your own beat or simply use one of our templates

Tab Display

Scrolling your phone or tablet screen as it comes to Tab search and display – we all know that. With mu6label it’s a past. You will have Tab you need at your sight, easy to access to, on HD display so You don’t bother any more.
But when you’re with your friends, You can easily share lyrics of the song You play using our app, so U can sing along with your friends on a glance

db Meter

Who doesn’t like our guitar to play loud…?Unfortunately staying to long in loud environment can significantly harm Your hearing. We covered it too. mu6label can tell You that it is time to have a break or at least turn the volume down a bit. All of this on order to keep You safe and healthy, so You can enjoy Your playing for a long time

Hygro / Thermometer

Our guitars are not simply instruments, it’s something more, it’s our „precious”. In order to keet our precious safe we equipped mu6label in hygro and termometer. From now on You can be sure that Your guitar is doing well. And if conditions changes, You’ll get notified so You can react fast

Virtual teacher

There’s nothing better than a private teacher that listens to You, gives You exercises, provides You tips, listens to You all the time. As a matter of fact mu6label can do this as well !! Listening to Your play gives You instant feedback about your practice and progress


Combines all necessery devices into one piece of gear


Fits any guitar, bass ukulele


Doesn’t damage the instrument


High class piezzo sensor built in


Cost much less than all equipment it covers, bought separately

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